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About Adair

Growing up in small town Virginia, I was brought up with many family and friends around. This meant always having time together and a good meal to discuss and tell stories – being happy. Loving family and loving friends that eventually became family. That was a way of life.

I lived near the Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, Virginia and was able to play tennis all summer long. I met wonderful people from all over the world and learned we are all so very much alike. Most conversations occurred over either lunch at the grill with a cheese sandwich or full meal. I learned it broke the silence and all were relaxed to enjoy one another. We shared our stories and laughed together. When the meal was over we would end with a hug. Why? Because we had all become family!

Many years later I found the hospitality field, where I became Director of Sales for Golf Resorts in the Panhandle of Florida. Here, again you enjoyed the relationships of playing golf and a meal always bringing everyone together.

Moving to Birmingham, Alabama, I was honored to work for Marriott International as an Account Executive. We served seven hotels and worked together to bring clients to any of our hotels of their choice or budget. Many of these clients needed meetings, which again is my love in having a meeting set for the need of the client. Maybe for training, team building, awards ceremonies, social events, or fundraising events – whatever it was, assisting with these meetings developed my love to serve and do what was needed to make successful meetings for each and every client.

I enjoy working with all hotels, as well as meeting and social venues, to work together and negotiate the client budget that makes the difference in choosing the right hotel or venue. I enjoy everything from being a consultant for corporations that may need a meeting planner for certain events – to working with meeting planners helping to gather the information needed and negotiating with hotels and venues to bring the costs to the budget that is needed.